About Myself ...

Born in 1955 I grew up in Herzebrock, Westfalia. Later I visited school in nearby Rietberg. Following this I studied Physics and Electrical Engineering in Bielefeld. 1989 made me moving to the Baltic Sea.

Nowadays I am a professional RF engineer working with Aastra-DeTeWe in Kiel/SH. With my family I live only a few hundred meters away from the Baltic Sea shore north to the city of Kiel in the community of Schwedeneck. See my page with road maps and images.

My Amateur Radio interests are especially Earth-Moon-Earth(EME) communications and the magic 50 MHz band. I build a lot of my equipment myself. This includes also the bunch of software I use for my radio operation. Astrophotography is a real fascinating field for activity. It combines nice with my Amateur Radio interests. You will find a lot of information on my Astrophotography pages. Since 1999 I am in the position of the leader of the local astronomical society. Besides this I play guitar, mandolin and whistles and I love playing Folk-music. THIS is a photo with this guy on the Mandolin between two nice young ladies ...

73 - that means: greetings - de Christoph

 Text and All Images are Copyright by Christoph Petermann DF9CY

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