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09 July 2009

ACHTUNG: Ich zeichne mich nicht verantwortlich für den Inhalt der hier verlinkten Seiten. Diese Links wurden nach Überprüfung auf eventuellem unerwünschten kriminellen und sexistischen Inhalt eingerichtet. Sollten diese Seiten derartiges enthalten, teilen Sie es mir mit damit der entspreche Link entfernt wird. Danke !


MOONBOUNCE information

(good job by Rein, W6/PA0ZN, editor)

Related Moonbounce Stations
  • DL0SHF
    Microwave EME station of Per Dudek DK7LJ in Kiel(sometimes operated by me)
  • DC6UW
    Norbert's Microwave EME station close by here

The Magic Band : Six Meters

Magic homebrew for magic bands ...

  • JF1OZL : A homebrew site you should not have passed by.
Amateur Radio Satellites
    Organisation (Info, Software, WW et al)
VHF/UHF/SHF and other DX
  • VHF DX by DK5YA
    This site is a must for the serious VHF DXer
  • MMM on VHF
    'Make more miles on VHF': METEORSCATTER and more !
  • G3PHO
    You are not interested in Microwaves ? This page changes your mind !
  • G3SEK
    Editor, 'The VHF/UHF DX Book' & 'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB) - fantastic stuff
  • AF9Y
    THE Weak Signal Page
    Lots of VHF Propagation Information
  • G7RAU
    MUF Calculator and much more
Radio Clubs, Societies and items of interest
  • DARC
    Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

  • RSGB
    Radio Society of Great Britain

  • ARRL
    Amateur Radio Relay League


  • Funkamateur
    My favourite German amateur radio and electronics magazine full of useful information.


  • W7RF
    Dan Magro's site: HENRY Amplifiers for LESS from RADIODAN W7RF


  • W4RNL
    L.B.Cebik W4RNL ultimate ANTENNA Site. A must !
    Great link collection on almost any radio item and more. Well organized

Links to other amateurs' pages

  • DD1US
    Matthias and his Astronomy and AmateurRadio Projects
    Gabriel EA6VQ on EME, VHF DX and a GOOD software list even on Mallorca
  • HB9BBD
    Dominique's EME and Technical Homepage
  • IZ7ATH
    Talino's site on radio techniques, contesting and more.
  • JH5LUZ
    EME and VHF and more from JAPAN
  • LA0BY
    Stefans VHF DX from Norway
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    This links you to the last section of my main Astrophoto page.
  • WJ's Homepage
    An absolute desaster ... So many links concerning photography
Miscellaneous Surf to ...

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