You will find almost all my images published at the FOTOCOMMUNITY

Nahezu alle meine Bilder habe ich seit 2002 bei der FOTOCOMMUNITY veröffentlicht.

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Some History  

Sometime around 1968 at the age of 13 years I got an old AGFA 6*9cm box camera from a neighbour. As school boy I was very lucky even though the film material was almost unaffordable to me. I started experimenting with that camera and very quickly I found out that I could do a lot more than shooting the 27th image of my uncle ... There were landscapes, sunsets, macros and more. Early I found out that taking photos in the evening and in the night brings out a lot of the normally unseen. My interest for Astrophotography was born.

Cameras I use  

NIKON D70s and D70; Canon G1; NIKON F90