Christoph Petermann DF9CY 2009

Last Revision: 22 June 2009


Schwedeneck is a tiny and very neat community about 18 kilometers to the north of Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein. A very fine place for living and making holidays. A number of small villages form this community. Schwedeneck is a place with smooth hills, ancient prehistoric graves, farmyards, a lot of wind, the famous Krusendorf church, 30m high cliffs, white beaches (no palmes, sorry) and - not to forget - very friendly people.

For those who are - like me - interested in Astronomy (See my Astrophotography page): A beautiful place for observing the night sky. Auroras i.e. Northern Lights can be admired very frequently. In summer times, when nights do not become dark anymore, noctilucent clouds appear very often. On the other hand it may be warm and still bright enough to take a midnight walk on the beach. Yes, very impressive.

The aurora from 28 August 1998

Here is an image of a strong Northern Light from 28 August 1998

Yes, this is a place worth to pay a visit to in your holidays. If you have become curious and want to learn more about the Schwedeneck community, then you are invited to follow the link to (in German).

Furthermore I keep Schwedeneck worldwide on-the-air with my amateur radio activities.

For years I dreamt of life close to the sea. In 1989 this came true. I moved from Bielefeld to Schwedeneck right on the Baltic Sea coastline.