Jul 1
50 MHz
28 .. 30 June 2014 Busy with other things
27 June 2014 EA and F in the log.
26 June 2014 Only worked a few LZ.
25 June 2014 Strong signals from the Azores. I worked CU3AN (HM68) and CU1EZ was extremely strong. Also heard EA8CK and FG5FR from the Carribian.
18 .. 24 June 2014 I did not have much time. When I switched on no signals or some weak stations were heard.
17 June 2014 Big silence until the afternoon. Life came onto the band and I worked FS/K9EL (FK88), KP2/K3TEJ (FK94), FG8OJ (FK96) and F5MYK/mm (JO11 new grid). Heard were NP3CW, VO1MP, VO1COD, KP4EIT, HI3TEJ. ALL have been worked before. Nice signals anyway.
16 June 2014 Some EI and EA on the band. Also heard were KP4EIT, WP3UX and HI3TEJ. All have been worked in the past years.
15 June 2014 I worked a few Ukraine stations, went out of the house, and heard 4X (Israel) beacon in the evening.
6 .. 14 June 2014 Almost no time for the radio. I switched on only sporadically.
5 June 2014 Open to OH in the morning. In the afternoon the band was in good shape and I called CQ in CW. Worked HA, LZ, HA, YO, OM, YU and JY plus 4X (5 Stations) over 3000kms. Heard A45XR and 9K2MU at 599 levels with large pile-up. Around 22UT read signals from W7GJ off the moon (first time with the TS590s).
4 June 2014 I have been out of the house for a long while. I heard EA, EA9, CU1EZ. Band closed early.
3 June 2014 Strong signals all around. Worked HA, DL (via Es), I, F, ES, OH, OZ (Tropo), OH, SM2, LA. I have been spotted in the cluster by RA1ZC (KP59)! In the morning were some JA on the band, but I copied only bits and pieces.
2 June 2014 DU7/PA0HIP (PK10) heard weak. Opening to South France and Sardinia. In the afternoon the band opened mainly to Italy with hundreds of stations on the band. What a mess. Worked a number of stations from F, I, HA, UR5, EA, EA6, C37AC (JN02)
1 June 2014 Short openings to F, SM and OH. All went over my head ... Worked UN3M (LO61md) and UN3GX (MN83gd) for surprise. Around 11:50UT band opened to North-West and I worked K1TOL (FN44) and VE1PZ (FN85). Heard was VY2ZM. OY1OF was sitting in the path and SM7FJE and PA2M were heard with amazing backscatter.

144 MHz
3 June 2014 Es opening, but I was little late.

1 June 2014 I activated WSPR with 2w on 40m again. With the modified antenna it works very well. My 2w has been received in ZL and VK.

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