Jul 24
50 MHz
23 July 2014 Heard BA4SI again in the morning. Early afternoon showed a short but strong opening to US. Worked K3OO (FN20) heard W3EP, W3JO, NR1R, W1AW/1, K1ZC, K2ZD and K1RO. Later in the evening the band opened again and I worked EJ3Z (IO43). Heard were VE2TZT, KP4EIT, NP4A and NW0W (EM27!!). (I looked back in the log ... found a North America opening, where I worked 67 stations, and my antenna was a lot smaller than today.)
22 July 2014 Out of the blue I worked K1TOL. In the morning I heard BA4SI with good signal but strong fading.
21 July 2014 Wide spread opening to USA and Canada. Only got VY2ZM (FN86)
20 July 2014 Worked a few stations via Es
19 July 2014 Only worked GM and LA4YGA (JO37)
9 July 2014 The station's computer does not work any more. It is the only damage by the lightning stroke.
8 July 2014 This morning saw an excellent opening over central Germany. I worked 60 stations within one hour to distances down to 460km at high levels. In the log are HB9, I, F, DL, PA, ON and LX1AD - Today nearly all in phone for a change. In the evening my antenna was hit by a part of a lightning. What a big bang.
7 July 2014 Strong signals from OH, SM2 in the morning. In the evening CS3 beacon from Madeira was at 599 for hours - a few signals else only.
6 July 2014 T6DD (MM36) Afghanistan in the log.
3 July 2014 Opening to Japan: Heard JR4OZR and JA3KVT. Heard EX9T (MN82). Later I worked 9K2/SP4R (LL39gj) Kuwait for country number 150 on 6m and 9K2GS is in the log as well. In the evening the band opened to the Carribean with very strong signals. I did not make any contacts but heard were FG4NN, KP2/K3TEJ, 9Y4D, FG8OJ and many, many Europeans
2 July 2014 Worked OY and heard GA3WUX and 9Y4VU
1 July 2014 Lots of stations. Worked EA3 and heard EA8EY, D44TS (HK74) and J38DR

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