Jun 1
144 MHz
6 May 2015 SK4MPI beacon via Aurora

50 MHz
30 May 2015 Hrd SV/SM4KYN (KM16) but could not get his attention. Many other stations from I, SV, 9A ... were heard.
28 May 2015 Big opening in Europe today. I worked some EA3, IS0 and F. Heard was G and EI.
21 May 2015 TJ3SN was heard CQing in a 45 seconds Meteor burst. Sporadic E wise only SV3BSF/b was weak in.
20 May 2015 Came home and worked CT1IUA (IM67). Then the band opened to South America again. PY1RO (GG87lb) is in the log, PY2XB (GG66) and PY5EW (GG46) were heard as well as a PY2TUA beacon weakly on 50024. Stations from CT1, EA1 and F were received as well.
19 May 2015 Danish ragchew on 50110 .. Band dead.
18 May 2015 Someone calling DX on 50110 in CW. Band dead otherwise.
17 May 2015 Band was silent all day until 19:00UT when suddenly there was an opening to Brazil. PP1CZ was strong, but the only station heard. Band was open to Northern Sweden at the same time and I worked 5 stations in SM2.
16 May 2015 Many stations from Ukraine audible in the early evening. Later worked 3XY5M (IJ39dm) as new grid. Heard were TJ3SN (JJ53), 5R8UI and A45XR in that opening. The band died down - I thought - when it suddenly opened to South America. I could work PP1CZ (GG99uq) at 599 level and heard were some other PY and a ZP station.
12 May 2015 A lot of stations heard via Es. Worked a 9A
6 May 2015 Videos around 49.75 MHz were strong via Aurora, but no station heard.

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