Jul 1
50 MHz
30 June 2016 What a day: Heard/Read OH, EI, EA, SM2, G, UR, GM, LA, OZ, I, S5, F. But then suddenly the band opened to West Coast USA and I worked K7CW (CN87lj) and heard N7NW (CN87). Having discovered as first operator that such a path is possible in year 2001 (see First ever West Coast in 2001), I am finally happy that I could work West Coast 16 years later. During that period European backscatter signals were extremely strong.
29 June 2016 F and EA worked in the evening. Read W3CP (EM74) in JT65 with CQ several times, when there was no opening to the west at all recorded. I contacted him and he confirmed having been active at that time.
28 June 2016 USA was worked from PA, but I heard nothing. Later I worked 15 stations in G, GI & GM.
27 June 2016 Some listening in JT65 mode.
22..26 June 2016 Was away for some days...
21 June 2016 Was on short only and worked SK0TM (JO86) via tropo and strong (JT65a).
20 June 2016 Many stations heard - best UN3M in JT mode. Worked a few in JT65A.
18 June 2016 First time listening JT65A for DX and immediately copied JE6AZU (PM51) with CQ in four periods. Not one else except some UA video signals was heard.
17 June 2016 Worked Ukraine and A92GE (LL56)
16 June 2016 Worked EA7 on Es. Got LA/DK2BJ (JP42) on Meteorscatter.
14 June 2016 Band totally dead
13 June 2016 What a day on 6m: USA wide open! Came home a little late but I worked: W2SM, K1WHS, K1ZZ, K4PI (EM73), W3UR, K2MUB, W3EP, W3JO, K3WW, K1RO, K2DG (EM12 ODX 8103km), KA1R, KA1W, W1FV, KSIX and KD5M (EM60). Hrd : NN4X (EL98), KA2JA, NT2X, VE1PZ, W3CMP, N6RW (DM34 !) and KC2TX (DM42 when 1st time trying to listen Es in JT65a). I felt, I was sitting right on the edge of the propagation. Others with a similar antenna just a few km west copied a lot more. My takeoff direction US is very good. The band went up and down for more than 3 hours.
Although I recorded everything I have some incomplete callsigns I even cannot figure out from the recording: a VE3, N8, N9 and K5.
European backscatter signals were weak this time compared to similar openings in the past years.
12 June 2016 Good opening. Hrd S01WS but too weak for QSO; EJ7NET (IO55) loud, but RX "kaputt?". Worked EA8CQS (IL18) and some G, GM, GW, EI, F and EA5
11 June 2016 Heard many form the South-East
10 June 2016 Many stations heard. Worked only YO and RK6
7 June 2016 Open to south-east; worked S5 and Z3.
5 June 2016 Short time on and got OH1.
2 June 2016 Heard TY2AC, but he never became strong enough. JT1CO was only weak and worked over my head into PA.
1 June 2016 Only some listening. A big bunch of I stations on the band

144 MHz
29 June 2016 Listened during opening and heard one weak station, probably CT1HZE. (My 2m TRX shows strange behaviour - it is old.)
10 June 2016 Only very weak signals during SporadicE Opening

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