Aug 1
50 MHz
30/31 July 2016 I ran JT65 in listening mode. Only some DL, OZ and PA via tropo.
29 July 2016 Listening only. Heard SV, I8 and EA in CW.
28 July 2016 Not much on the band. In a mixture of probably Es and Iono propagation I worked EI.
27 July 2016 Good opening with many stations. Worked EA1,3,5 and CT in CW mode. In JT65 I read I8, SV9 and EI.
26 July 2016 Heard stations from I, EA and England in CW and JT65.
25 July 2016 No contact but I heard G on backscatter, EA5, I, SV, SV9.
24 July 2016 The Sporadic E season seems to slow down now. Less signals are heard. Worked OH2 in CW, shortly heard CT beacons.
23 July 2016 JT65 contacts primarily via tropo up to 700km. SV, EA, F and 4X were read in JT65.
22 July 2016 A few SporadicE signals heard, no QSO.
8..21 July 2016 ... Hiking in Austria ... ;-)
7 July 2016 Was on all afternoon, but not a single bit heard.
6 July 2016 Had JT65a running on RX. Around 15 UT I received NA6L (DM12) with CQ throughout several periods. First thought it might be a fake. I contacted him, and he has definitely been active CQing at that time. Nothing else was heard by me and others at that time in that direction. Surprise, surprise.
3 .. 5 July 2016 Only short openings. Nothing worked.
2 July 2016 Got JW7QIA (JQ68) in a late night opening.
1 July 2016 Switched on before I left home at 04:30UT and there was already one Ukraine CQing. But by returning in the afternoon, band was dead.

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