Aug 30
50 MHz
29 August 2016 Found the band dead.
28 August 2016 Some late Es. Worked F and EA1 and one YO via Meteorscatter.
16 .. 27 August 2016 was on trip to Central Germany
14 August 2016 Was away and when I returned, I saw, that I had almost missed a good opening to US. I let JT65A running and it received VA2SS (FN45) and WU1ITU (FN65). Great.
12 August 2016 Heard I, SV and worked EA and EI9E via meteorscatter.
11 August 2016 No Es. Made some testing with G and LA using the new WSJT modes like QRA64A.
10 August 2016 Some EA, I, EI, and the daily SV9 were heard. Worked EA1. Not much of Es.
9 August 2016 Received SV, YO, I, F, G ... Worked HB9, DL, EA, EI9E (IO44), CU2ZG (HM77) and S01WS (IL46) finally :-) I played with the different WSJT (JT6M, JT65a, JT9Hfast) modes a bit.
8 August 2016 Heard SV, EA, EI, CT via Es and worked SM6CMU/2 (JP85co) via Meteorscatter. The US opening in the evening just did not reach me.
7 August 2016 Early I worked several UT and later, when the band opened more, I got YU, EM2, F and 4X4DZ (KM72). Heard were F, S5, HA, LA, SV, 5A, G, GM, GI, EA, E7, K1TOL and more.
6 August 2016 Band was dead and came alive in the afternoon. Heard were SV9, SV, F, UT and TF and more.
5 August 2016 Big opening all day, but did not have all that time. Many countries were heard with best of all S01WS, whom I could not get worked. But I got some F, G, UB7 and others in CW.
4 August 2016 A good Es opening happened in late afternoon. I worked SV9, F, SV, DL, IT9, I, Z3, IS0 in JT, SSB and CW. Heard were 4X, LZ, YO, UT, G, GW, EI, LA, SM and more. Some weak aurora signals appeared as well.
3 August 2016 Only one F was heard with CQ.
2 August 2016 Lots of activity in CW. Heard F, EA, CT, CN, EI, GW ... Almost the same countries in JT65. No QSOs
1 August 2016 Came home late. Heard SV9, SV3, EA, EA8, OH, G, EI and more in CW and JT65. Only short and spotty openings.

144 MHz
30 August 2016 I tried to find the intermittent fault in the TRX; it is doing better now, but not gone.
4 August 2016 Aurora heard, but transceiver has a defect.

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