May 31
50 MHz
31 May 2017 Heard / Read (JT65) DX outside Europe so far today EA8, TA1, EK8, 9K2, UN7TW, YI1SAL, S01WS
30 May 2017 Big opening to Japan and China, but nothing here. Worked E44WE (Palestine)as new country and some 4X, IS0, A45XR (LL93do). Heard A71AE, YI1SAL
24 May 2017 Worked E7 and heard 4X and JY9FC
23 May 2017 Worked UB7K and heard a few stations. Not much time today.
22 May 2017 Heard 9K2 very early at 4:45UT and later TA1, SV, G, F GI. Worked SV, LZ and YT1.
21 May 2017 Worked a HA and heard 9K2 . Copied as well 4X, EI, EA, UR, 5B4 etc.
20 May 2017 Big opening in EU worked a lot I, F, HB9 and than suddenly saw WP4JCF (FK68) who was easily worked. WP3C (FK68) was worked as well. It seems this may be the first ever Transatlantic QSO 2017 :-)

19 May 2017 not many stations on but I read JE6AZU (PM51) in JT65 mode
18 May 2017 hrd and worked E7, EA5, EA7, EA6 I and SV9
17 May 2017 Antenna working with moving the yagi 1,5m up.
16 May 2017 Hrd and worked stations from IT9, I8, SV3 and SV9
15 May 2017 Some Es cloud overhead and band was open to EA, F, G and EI
14 May 2017 Came home from a trip and I worked EA2 and F
6 May 2017 SV7, SV8, SV9 and a UX0 heard
5 May 2017 Stations from US5, F and EA were received.
4 May 2017 First Sporadic E signals from France heard this year. It has started very late.

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