Apr 17
My satellite receiver "slept" for a while. Together with my son Michael we got the system running again. For this moment the receive system consists of a R2FX scanning receiver specially for this purpose connected to a crossed dipole antenna below the roof. The receiver AF output is fed into a PC with WxToImg (licensed version) running. The latest images are uploaded to this site, when we have the receiver running.
The antenna preamplifier seems to be defective. Thus the receive power is not as good, as it used to be. This has to be repaired.

DF9CY's weather images

Posted by Christoph Petermann

Apr 1
Just some activity on 40m in CW and the digital modes JT65/FT8. The influenca caught me and my spare time is filled with other things in the moment which keep me away from amateur radio.
But the Sporadic-E season is coming closer and I will have an eye on it early this year.

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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