Aug 1
Today I took down the tower and checked everything. All was OK and I installed receive preamplifiers for 432 MHz and 50 MHz very close to the feedpoint of the antenna. While the 50 MHz amplifier is a commersial type, the 70cm amp is completely homemade with an old MGF1203 inside and 0,66 dB noise figure including all relais. For 70cm I expected a lot of improvement, and indeed I have it. Beacons not audible with pre-amp OFF are well in the receiver with the machine switched on. I did not expect an audible improvement on 50 MHz, but it is well audible. This amplifier has a noise figure of 0,95 dB I measured with a HP8970B recently. I am a bit astonished...
New images of the antenna system are HERE

Posted by Christoph Petermann

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