Aug 31
50 MHz
28 August 2009: I have been a few days "out of town". Today we saw a late Es opening to SV and EA. A few stations could be worked.
19 August 2009: I did some EME listening and tropo beacon "DX" receiving with SDR software. Today we have some small Es to CT. Only beacons - no humans ...
13 August 2009: Some strange signals this morning. Lots of Es from the east - no stations. Worked OZ1DOQ(JO74mx-new#) in his Bornholm 4/6m expedition.
12 August 2009: I did some listening in the Perseids and a few meteorscatter contacts. Nothing new.
11 August 2009: Perseids, some MS contacts made. Nothing special. In the afternoon there was some Es to LZ, UX and I3
9 August 2009: Strong video signals from UA-TV; some station audible. It is late in the Es season where people get tired.
8 August 2009: I was not QRV through the last days; I have heard I missed nothing. Today some stations heard and worked from south-east.
5 August 2009: Nothing yesterday. Today there are very strong signals from southern Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy. I worked a good number of stations. I thought 2m might open, but it did not. Some double-hop video signals from the east were received, but no stations heard.
3 August 2009: Massive opening to south-east again. I did not have much time and have been listening a bit. 6m sounded like 40m with very strong signals present. Many closer stations could be heard via backscatter.
2 August 2009: Band continues to be open to south-east. Nothing special heard. Sporadically I looked over 6m and heard some EA, CT and worked a few I8. Around 18.20UT I saw in the cluster people working caribean stations. I turned west and immediately could work WP2B (FK77) through the noise of neighbours plasma TV. At least a new grid.
1 August 2009: The new preamplifier also seems to improve very audible. I supposed it would have an effect on EME signals only. Band opened in the afternoon very fine and I worked YO, LZ, Z3, SV, 5B4 and 4X. 5N0OCH could only be heard very weak here.

432 MHz
11 August 2009: Checked sunnoise on 70cm and I get up to 7 dB at sunset. Normally I see abaout 4dB. There seems to be a good amount of ground gain. Worked number of stations in the NAC.
10 August 2009: That SK1UHF beacon is still there even after a weather change.
9 August 2009: SK1UHF and SK7MHH beacons over 500 .. 600km path are very strong. Noone is QRV.
1 August 2009: New preamplifier installed. Hearing very much better now ! I worked YL3AG (KO06 - #102) with my 15 Watts over 777km path in the evening.

28 .. 31 August 2009: WSPR is running again with the RX320D. Today I put some ferrites to my HP TFT monitor. This made the bands (30m and 40m) alomost noise free. I thought that monitor was OK ...
22 August 2009: My RX320D came into new life with WSPR - only receiving. That little box works really well on 30m.
16 August 2009: I ran WSPR on the last three nights (30m, 40m, 20m) into the 40m wire dipole untuned. My 2 watt signal was heard into Australia on 40m several times.

7 MHz
17 August 2009: Oh, after long time a made a QSO here ...

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