Jun 29
50 MHz
29 June 2011 Some weak signals ...
28 June 2011 I worked a few OH, ES and Ukraine stations. Copied was 4L1AN, but no real DX. CN8KD had a strong signal.
27 June 2011 Opening to the Carribean - I worked FG4NN (FK96) and heard some more: FM5WD, V25DR, PJ6D expedition, PJ76 and J88ARC (FK94) beacon. Signals were not strong here.
26 June 2011 JH6CDI had a very good signal. He copied my callsign, but the contact was spoiled by someone. :-( Very bad !! Some OH stations were worked. PJ6D was in for a while, but very weak only.
25 June 2011 Copied good DX: BA4SI and DU/PA0HIP, but my signal was not strong enough to make a contact. A few EU QSOs made.
19 June 2011 Lots of traffic, but only one SM2 worked.
18 June 2011 Back after a while away ... The day started with EA8BWL (IL18) lonely CQing. At 13.38 I caught VO1SO (GN37) - 1st NA station this year. All the VO beacons were in here. VY2ZM was heard very strong. TF/DL3GCS (HP93) was a new grid. A45XR was heard weakly, while others nearby worked him. When returning to the station after a break at 19.50 I found the band open to North America and I worked more than 25 stations in CW and SSB. New grids were FN86, FM15, FM27, FN66. Signals were not as strong as I have experienced in earlier openings. Fading was very strong.
3 June 2011 Best DX was 4Z4TL (KM72). A92IO was heard strong again.
2 June 2011 Only one tropo contact made - some Es heard.
1 June 2011 Silence so far ...

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