Apr 25
What a success !

I first setup my portable station in our garden on the evening of 16 April. In parallel I watched the live video stream from Arecibo in the internet. I early knew, that their PA was broken and so I did not receive any EME signals. But when they turned to CW, I immediately could copy them. Weak but Q4 .. Q5. So I decided to take the equipment to the AFT (Aschberg Frühjahrs Treffen), a local Astronomy Meeting, on the evening of 17 April. Just before the event started, I gave a short lecture about what this meant. I had about 20 listeners. The signals from Arecibo came strong enough in SSB that everyone around could understand what they were telling. I estimate, there were more than 50 visitors coming and listening to the noise and the voices of the operators at KP4AO.

The station I used was my IC820H, about 2m of RG58 cable, a GaAs-Fet amplifier with a noise figure of about 0,6dB and a short 10 element antenna on a tripod. The moon was well visible all the time. While others were listening I took the chance and observed the moon through a 12" Dobsonian telescope.

More images of the event on the AFT

Look at the Short Video of my setup
Somewhat more detailed write-up of the event.

Echoes of Apollo is an event to remember the landings on the moon in the late 60s and early 70s. This event brings a large number of amateur radio stations AND science stations to be active.

Look here : Echoes of Apollo
and here : WorldMoonbounceDay

Times in April:
Apr 16 1645 - 1930 UTC
Apr 17 1740 - 2020 UTC
Apr 18 1840 - 2125 UTC

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Mar 31
OK, this is now the new entry place of my homepage !
I hope you like it :-)
Comments are very welcome.

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Mar 29
Everything is running again ! The shack is like new now. Its fun to be in there.

50 MHz EME
20. March 2010 : I have setup my "new" used notebook with WSJT and I was able to copy W7GJ with a good signal during the moonset hours. Signals reached -17dB in 2.5 kHz bandwidth.

144 MHz EME CW
27./28. March 2010 : I had hoped to work at least one of the guys in CW, but that did not go this time. I tried to get at least SV1BTR and called him many times over a period of 2 hours or so, but ... So I decided to switch off the PA and connect a 144/28 MHz converter and my SDR-IQ to the antenna. Using Linrad that was fun. I "saw" sometimes 10 or more (weak) CW stations in the CW section, but with all those birdies (hundreds) I had my difficulties. So I stayed again with SV1BTR and IK3MAC and in most cases I could see the QSO partners producing a trace on the screen. Not bad for a 2.5wl antenna. Tonight neighbour's TV is switched on producing spurs every 50 Hz all over the CW portion of the 2m band. Too bad.

144 MHz EME JT65
19. .. 28. March 2010 : 2m is running again EME wise. I copied a number of stations (ca 25) and was able to QSO with JM1WBB, JH1MHE, I2FAK, EA6VQ, KB8RQ, UA3PTW, OH7HXH, I2RV and RX1AS. Also copied was the expedition 8Q7QQ (MJ64) which is using a single antenna and 400w.

144/432 MHz
7/8 March 2010 I did some listening in the VHF/UHF contest just for checking if the rig was "healthy". The rotator did not run at first and it needed some attention.

Further experimenting with the SDR-IQ rx and Linrad software with digging out weak DX stations.

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Mar 16
Last weekend while staying a weekend with my father I took chance and I visited long time radio friend Johannes Wilke, DK2PH. After having had an eye on his antennas for 144 MHz EME, 50 MHz and shortwave and his radio station, we (me and my little son Michael) sat there together with Hans' wife ragchewing and having some fine cake with tea and coffee for a long time. So thanks for that pleasant afternoon.

Hans DK2PH and me

Hans DK2PH busy at his VHF station

EME Antenna (4 x 16el I0JXX)

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Feb 28
The shack room is looking like new; I am still waiting for the table and some other furniture to be delivered. Bad weather prevented me from from transportation of that stuff.
Until then I am not really QRV.

The only thing I do is listening with the SDR-IQ - that is fun. As there are no tables and chairs in the room I sat down in Japanese style on the floor. I purchased a used Dell Latitude D820 notebook which has almost no unwanted radiation. The noise floor on the bands is looking very smooth and I made a lot of experiments using the SpectraVue software as well as Winrad and Linrad. The latter digs out a lot of stations on 40m. But it took me some time to get it running properly. I can't really await getting my station reassembled and testing the SDR-IQ on EME on 2m. I also tried WSPR with very good success on the SDR-IQ and the new notebook, which is running on Windows 7 - 32 bit. This combination is very much more sensitive than the Softrock 6.1 RXTX with my desktop PC.

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Dec 31
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010 to you ! See you then !

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Dec 31
Most things are out of the shack room for the refurbishment; so almost no activity.
31 December 2009: WSPR is operational on most days. After my shack is almost empty for the refurbishment, I have it running receive-only with the new purchased SDR-IQ. This little box does a fine job. I find it as sensitive as my TT RX320D receiver and a lot better than my Softrock. But I will switch off WSPR soon, do the refurbishment and set up the whole station again. See you then.
3 December 2009: WSPR (now version 2.0) still running most nights on 40m

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Dec 20
This is it ... I purchased a direct sampling receiver from RFSpace (U.S.). You could have seen me playing with this receiver throughout the past days. I still did not find out all things I can do with it. So there is XMAS time now and some days off work. Good time for experimenting.

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Dec 3
After almost 13 years time has come to make some renewal in my shack room. This means removing everything, new paint, a new carpet, some new furniture and installing all stuff again. During that time I will have a FM 439 MHz rig running put into a bag keeping dust away. The shack is small measuring only about 7 squaremeters but I already filled 8 big boxes and you do not see a big progress ... So I hope to have everything running again in January '10.

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Nov 24
144 MHz MMC
7/8 November 2009: 46 QSOs on 144 MHz with ODX 772 km in MMC.

10 GHz EME
7 November 2009: See the story in another entry.

24 November 2009: WSPR (now version 2.0) ran almost every night on 40m with the softrock. Activity is increasing and this is interesting to see how propagation behaves really.
6 November 2009: I ran the WSPR on my Softrock RXTX for several nights with 0,5w of output power. This was very successful with my signal heard woldwide again. The 40m activity day on 4 November produced a stunning activity.

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Nov 8
This weekend there was not only EME going on. Throughout the weekend, I made 46 QSOs in the contest, with a total time at the rig of about 2 hours. Best DX was OE2 at about 772 km distance. VHF contests are no good from my place. Direction south is somewhat shaded and there is no direct sight of the horizon.

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Nov 7
I went to DK7LJ/DL0SHF on Saturday (7 November) morning to try some 10 GHz moonbounce. 13cm was not possible TX wise. A lot of stations could be heard although. While Per DK7LJ tried to find the fault inside the 13cm rig, I actvited the 10 GHz equipment. When I first heard the echoes I thought, aha not bad, but not strong. After adding the QRO amp giving about +11 dB,echoes were more than fine :-). I found IQ4DF and worked him immediately. Things were complicated (for me) as the morse keyer was not working and I had to use the CwType software. Little later WA7CJO came back with a big signal on a CQ. Then I heard someone calling, but could not figure out the callsign. Until then we had been RXing and TXing horizontal. When we switched to vertical receiving things went better. Suddenly IQ4DF was a big signal and I could work W5LUA, F2TU, WA6PY, ON5TA and ES5PC in a row. Signals became weaker as the moon dropped below 20 degrees of elevation and I stopped with the moon being at about 15 degrees. Sorry for I could not go there on Sunday too, but I had to look after the kiddies here .. The 10 GHz dish is not working correctly, we estimate a performance similar to a 2 .. 2,5m diameter type in the moment. Nevertheless I was pleased to work so many old friends in that short time, and weak signals and especially weak EME signal still have a one-of-a-kind fascination to me.

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Oct 31
31 October 2009: The SDR stuff is fascinating me. My next project will certainly be deal with this ...

18 October 2009: WAG Contest on 17/18 October (see other blog entry).

31 October 2009: I operated WSPR on 40m and 30m (with my 40m antenna) using the Softrock, RX320D or the TS690s. I find it sometimes unbelievable, how well my little antenna behaves.
15 October 2009: WSPR 40m portable operation (RX only) from Iffens in JO43dm
01 October 2009: WSPR is still doing strong on 40m. I let it run with 50mW today and I received a number of reports all over Europe !

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Oct 25
I went for a visit to OM Jürgen DJ8FR today. We had a very fine time with a lot of items to talk about. I haven't been there for more than 15 years ...

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Oct 25
Still running WSPR with my Softrock RXTX on 40m trying out different combiations. It is going strong and is a lot of fun. Using the Virtual Audio Cable I am able to run WSPR and simultanously receiving with WINRAD other stuff on 40m.

Winrad showing a SSB station on the WSPR frequency during the CQWW SSB contest on 25 October 2009.

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