Apr 1
Nothing special yet. There was a good aurora and I worked a few stations on 2m. On 40m I ran WSPR for 2 days in January, but for some unknown reason my computer rebooted several times which stopped the program. Some humming was discovered on the WSPR signal and I have not found the source of it so far. I did not change a thing, but somewhere it is different to before.
A strong storm broke the rope of the 40m dipole, but this is already repaired.

144 MHz
16 February 2016 Some Aurora going on in the afternoon. Worked SM5, LA and ES.

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Dec 15
Time is flying and again we are approaching the end of a year,

A Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2016 to everyone who comes along here. Have a quiet time where ever you are.


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Dec 15
Another busy time ...
144 MHz
14 December 2015 A good Aurora. Stations heard down to Southern Germany.
25 October 2015 The reflection Zone has shifted and SP9, OK and OM were heard. Also some SM4 and SM5 were worked.
24 October 2015 Big tropo opening to Southern France and Northern Spain. Some EA1, EA2 and F were worked at S9 level. Absolutely phantastic.
08 October 2015 Another Aurora. SK4MPI beacon was strong but only few stations were heard.
07 October 2015 Good Aurora opening with strong signals.
03 October 2015 This unbelievable opening continued and the tropo Zone had moved east. This morning UA3WM (KO84) was worked with a strong Signal. Later band opened into SM4 and OH6. Then all over sudden it was over.
02 October 2015 The band was already wide open in the afternoon and it became better from minute to minute. Scotland was in at very high level very early. I worked stations from GM, G, GI, GD, GW and EI4DQ from IO51. Then it opened to the east as well and I worked SP, EU, YL, LY and UA3LID. And I heard both UA3 and G working over 2300km. I could make over 75 DX contacts over more than 700 km.
01 October 2015 A very good Tropo opening; I worked LY, YL, SM1, GI, GM and G. Some Aurora going on as well, only heard SM4IVE strong. It was visible as well.
20 September 2015 Worked SM4IVE via Aurora, LA and GM heard
9 September 2015 Low activity on 2m and heard LA and SM.
7 September 2015 Strong Aurora signals heard on 2m in the evening; I preferred to go outside and to observe the stunning Aurora. (IMAGES HERE)

50 MHz
14 December 2015 Strong Aurora. Worked stations from SM, OZ and GM. Signals were loud.
08 October 2015 Aurora, worked some stations.
07 October 2015 Aurora with strong signals.
10 September 2015 Visible Aurora, some weak stations heard.
9 September 2015 Again Aurora. Worked 9 stations. It was visible as well in the evening.
7 September 2015 Low activity, only one LA heard.

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Nov 19
Am 13.11.2015 um 19 Uhr spielten wir in unserer Krusendorfer Kirche.
Es war ein wunderschönes Konzert in stimmungsvoller Umgebung. Das Publikum wie auch wir selbst waren einach begeistert. Bei YouTube nach FolkZeit suchen und ein paar Minuten genießen ...

On 13 November 2015 we played our music in the wonderful local church. The visitors as well as ourselves were overwhelmed. Look for some FolkZeit videos on YouTube ...

If you are at Facebook or Google+ you will find a number of photos.

FolkZeit in Krusendorf
Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen ....

Mehr auf


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Oct 19
After some trouble with the old PHP4 system and old MySQL database here which was used until now by this blog software Serendipity, I had to upgrade to PHP 5.6 and Serendipity 2.02. My webhoster started to take more money for the support of the old stuff. The page seems to load very much faster now and I wish you a lot of fun reading the stuff here.

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Sep 28
When a full moon happens at the time when the Moon is on perigee on is orbit around Earth i.e. its closest point, the Moon appears 15% larger than at the farest point we call it Supermoon. Not so often we have a lunar eclipse occurring then. So it was early in the morning at 04:11 local time when totallity began this morning. Wonderful calm weather made observation to be a joy. So I was able to take a lot of images of this event and some of them I present on this site HERE. Short time before the totallity phase ended, strong fog came in from the waters of the Baltic Sea which made the moon disappearing behind clouds.

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Aug 31
The month seems to be very busy with other things to do ...
144 MHz
27 August 2015 Very good aurora on 2m. More than 20 stations from LA, SM, G, GM, YL, ES and OH worked.

50 MHz
28 August 2015 Next day aurora. This time worked LA and OZ. Heard were several German stations.
27 August 2015 Another strong aurora. Worked several LA.
26 August 2015 Some strong Aurora signals from SM, OZ and LA heard.
18 August 2015 First time successfully ran WSPR on 6m. Signals came both ways from PA, DL (506 km tropo), OZ and UT (via Es) with only 2w out.
15 August 2015 Es to SP9, OM, S5, SV. Nice listening with SDR.
13 August 2015 Nordic Activity this night. Some stations (SM4, SM5, OH3, OH6) worked in CW and in JT6M with Sporadic E and/or Meteorscatter help.
11 August 2015 Worked Expedition EI9E (IO43) in some late Sporadic E. Some minutes later K7BV (FM09) showed up weakly for a while. I did some listening in the Perseids activity, but I did not work anyone.

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Aug 3
Days were cold and much water poured down from the skies. Neverthless we had a good time hiking through the woods in Southern Sweden (SM7) near Vetlanda from 22 .. 31 July. No, we did not meet THE elk, but in the many hours on the hiking trails we even did not meet any other human beings ...

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Jul 30
Only until 18 July; the other part of the month I spent in SM7

50 MHz
18 July 2015 OH9SIX beacon and EA8DBM heard in the morning.
17 July 2015 EA3 worked.
13 July 2015 Weak Aurora going on and no Sporadic E heard. Made my first JT65 tropo contact on 6m (I worked and heard EME only in that mode on 2m and 6m)
09 July 2015 Some OH and SM are in the log. A lot of stations from EA, CT and F were heard.
08 July 2015 Many strong signals. Worked some F and ZA/US2YW (Albania JM99). Heard N1ZZZ/mm (JM27)
07 July 2015 KP4EIT was heard briefly. UN3M was worked with good signals.
06 July 2015 Again 9K2 and A45 heard.
05 July 2015 Some Ukraine heard and worked.
04 July 2015 Worked a few Italians and heard 9K2 and A45. Big Thunderstorm went through.
03 July 2015 Came home from my job and immediately worked AC4TO (EM77), who was alone on the band.

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Jun 26
144 MHz
25 June 2015 Another good opening and I worked many stations: UT0EZ (KN67), UT7QF(KN77), UR3GS (KN66), UC6A (KN84), UT2QA (KN86), UR8GZ (KN66), US0GB (KN67), UY5QO (KN77), UA6LJV (KN97), UR3EE (KN88), RK6LXN (KN97), UR5VFJ (KN69), UY7QN (KN77), UR5EUP (KN78) and heard was RK6MF (KN77)
22 June 2015 Big Sporadic-E opening : Worked EA2AGZ (IN91), EA1HRR (IN83), F6FRR (IN94), F6BKI (IN94), F6CIS (IN94), EA2AWD (IN93), F8GGD (IN95), F5GXG (IN95), F5GHP (IN96) and EA1MX (IN73). Hrd EA4AQQ (IN80) and some more. Later some Aurora signals were heard.

50 MHz
26 June 2015 Lots of strong signal around in the afternoon and evening. Countries worked are YO, OH, SM, LA, UT5, EA1, ES, SV, GM. Heard were OY and EX. Around 21:30 PV8ADI was loud, but I could not get him.
25 June 2015 Many stations from Ukraine, Finland, Estland and Lithuania were worked. Also got 4L1AN(LN21) in Georgia.
23 June 2015 Big opening to OH and Northern Skandinavia. Sounded like Aurora-E.
22 June 2015 Open to southeast. Got SV9RNG (KM25).
21 June 2015 Heard NP4A, WX4G, 8P2K, FM5WD, YV4DYJ (FK50), YV4NN (FK50), PV8ADI (599+) and a bunch of Europeans. Stations from less than 500km were strong. 4X4DK heard calling North America with a big signal from the back of the antenna. Worked 9Y4D (FK90). After 21Z signals rapidly disappeared.
16 June 2015 Heard C31AR, EA4, EA1, F, CS Beacons, . Worked EA8AK (IL18).
15 June 2015 Very quiet day until 4L1AN (LN21) came on 50110 - I did not call as I worked that before. Big pile heard via backscatter. Later being still at the edge I worked SV9CVY (KM25 Crete).
14 June 2015 Worked LZ, F, UX, YO
13 June 2015 Only some strong IT9 heard.
12 June 2015 At first I worked SK0TM over 500km via tropo. Band was then open to the North with LA7SIX/b (JP99) at S9 level. EI0SIX/b (IO63) came up. In the log are some EI, EA, GI ... Other countries heard are EA4, OH
11 June 2015 Lots of stuff on the band. GB3IOJ/b (IN89) very strong and short skip. Worked CT, EA and MU0GSY.
04 June 2015 Mostly South-Eastern Europe heard and some YO, UT and LZs worked. Had an eye on 2m, but it did not open for me.
03 June 2015 Worked a very strong EA8DBM (IL18) and some IT9 and I6 stations. Skip became shorter and some HB9 from JN36 and JN37 were contacted.
02 June 2015 SV5BYR (KM46) was strong and worked. Listening for North America was no success.
01 June 2015 Coming home from work I heard 4X4SIX beacon and immediately worked 4Z4DP (KM71). Some other stations from YO are in the log as well.

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