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 DF9CY EME Contacts from JO54AL #2

The new station of 1997 in Schwedeneck community, JO54AL

In September and October, Soenke DG6LS and I installed the new moonbounce array. It consists of 4 * 17 Element F9FT for 144 MHz and of 4 * 33 Element DJ9BV for 432 MHz. Preamps are installed close to the antenna feed center points. On 144 MHz I measured 0.6 dB of noise figure and the 432 MHz preamp is not yet the best with 0.8 dB. Nevertheless sunnoise looks good on both bands.

The whole array can be electrically rotated and elevated. The "parking" position is about 7m and the "operating" position is about 20m above ground well above the trees. The whole thing looks more like American Style ... Including the mast the total weight is estimated to be about 5 tons. We had the first severe storm with gales up to 130 km/h: no problem.

Now, by 20 May 1998, the antenna is down after some severe problems. We will put up something completely different. Wait and see !

The EME contest 1997 will be the first operation with this antenna.

All EME results will be published here.

The gate to the log files

DF9CY/DG6LS EME array in JO54AL

Here are two images of the antenna for 144 MHz and 432 MHz. A 1296 MHz 35 Element F9FT is mounted on top.

Another View of the BIG array
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