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Last Revision: 14 April 2015

Antenna down, Antenna up

A major wind storm on 10 January 2015 cracked my venerable old HAM IV rotator. I took the stuff down in March and for a few weeks I had a 40m monoband dipole with its centre about 17m above ground. This worked phantastic. I came to a refurbished Kenpro KR2000 rotator (Thank you Sö, DL3LE). On the 11 April 2015 I got everything mounted but without the 70cm antenna. I still want to change things and as soon as I have the ordered longer aluminium tube and the additional antennas for 2m and 70cm I will change the system again.

My plan is to put up 2 stacked 9 element DK7ZB antennas for 144 MHz and a single 20 element for 70cm. All will certainly work better than the stuff I used before.

This is the 40m antenna I used for a few weeks. I fixed a stack of two glassfibre masts for a surfing guy on top of the tower

The new - intermediate - antenna for 6m and 2m with the 40m dipole again below.

A closer view to the centre of the antenna with the rotator.