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Last Revision: 18 May 2017

Reducing the antenna setup

Recently I decided to give 6m a little "kick" ... As my 2m TRX is defective and repair seems to be a hard job, I took down my 2m antenna I had a lot of fun with working over 100 stations via the Moon and making my 144 MHz terrestrial ODX by almost 3800 km with working EA8. I moved up the 6m antenna by 150 cm and mounted a guy wire against mechanical oscillations I had observed in strong winds situations. After erecting the tower I found that the overall noise level has significantly gone down in most directions - not in all. I had the antenna in the old position for almost 9 years now. I could have moved it 50 cm higher, but I have respect to the high winds here, as I fear the carrying aluminium tube of 48 mm of diameter with 4 mm wall strength might be stressed too much then.

The 6m antenna is now moved up by about 1,5m

The boom is now supported by a guy wire which should help to avoid mechanical oscillations.

Another view of the current antenna. Below I have mounted my 40m full sized dipole, which obviously is hanging very low.

This is the 9 element after DK7ZB for 144 MHz which I took down. Currently I have no working rig for 2m. This summer will be without 2m. The 9 element will be replaced by a new antenna later.