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Intermediate setup

In August 2019 I took down the 6m antenna. After more than 16 years in service - 4 years at the preowner - it looks rather aged. Time to organize something new.

Meanwhile I mounted my portable mast on top of my tower and pulled it out so long that there is only a small risk to break it in strong winds. I fixed my full size 40m dipole over the top of the mast and put it up. The antenna spans over the whole real estate as Inverted V and the middle is up 17m now.

It works excellent. CW WAC (Worked All Continents) was done within 3 hours. My rig is a Kenwood TS590s with an old FL2277B PA giving me a smoth 350 watts on 40m (800w are possible).

40m Full size dipol at a height of 17m at the centre.