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Last Revision: 25 September 2020

2m Installed

So finally I found some time to put my 2m antenna (9 element DK7ZB) up. This time it is mounted below the 4 element for 6m. A preamplifier (SSB SP2000) in a red box is mounted as well. The antenna and the preamplifier are working well.

Added the 2m DK7ZB with preamplifier

Another view of the current system

Another Intermediate setup

Before I cannot work anything on 6m, I have put up my old 4 element antenna and moved it to the top of the tower at 12m above ground. The preamplifier is mounted as well. The 40m dipole is back down to 9m at the center with some decreased efficiency now.

The 6m antenna has about 3 dB less gain than the 6 element I have been using before, but it is mounted higher. Ground wave beacon signals indicate good performance and first Sporadic E gave fine results.

The 50 MHz at top of the tower. The 40m dipole is fixed below.

A view of the 6m GaAs-Fet preamplifier mounted at the antenna.

Another view of the antenna in the evening sunlight.

Directional diagram of the Comet CA52HB4 antenna for 6m calculated with EZNEC 6+