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Last Revision: 28 February 2021

New 6m Installed and 2m repaired

Weather permitted to put up my new 6m (50 MHz) antenna from InnovAntennas (G0KSC). This so called OP-DES (Opposite Phase Driven Element) has six elements and a length of ca 4.9m. I will put a detailed description to the antenna files.

First impression is a very different receive "feeling" to the 4 element, I have used throughout the past year. Some directions shown more noise and some a lot less noise, depending on whereto the antenna is pointed. Tropospheric signals I always receive show a bit more signal, as far I can see. But when the tower was still down with the new antenna pointing into the air, it was amazing silent.

In some directions local noise is really high. I measure an increase of 10 dB compared to the lowest spots. Turning the antenna up (from the lowest noise spot) decreases noise by another 2.7 dB. It will be a hard job to receice any EME.

Furthermore I repaired again the 2m preamplifier. Again a GaAs Fet transistor had to be changed. It is the 4th I have put into this SSB 2m SuperAmp. These transistors seem to be quite sensitive. Now the amplifier is working again and the station is sensitive. The first station received was almost 800 km away. Good start anyway.

The 6 element OP-DES Yagi antenna on top the DF9CY tower at 12m /  together with the 9 element for 2m

Another view of the DF9CY antenna system for 2m and 6m

Smith Chart "live" diagram of the 6m antenna

VSWR Chart of the 6m antenna

The waterproof N-connection of the coaxial cable on top of the tower.

View of the antennas for 6m (on top) and 2m with their GaAs Fet preamplifiers.

Different view of the antennas for 6m (on top) and 2m with their GaAs Fet preamplifiers.

My current station (DF9CY)