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Last Update: 16 March 2001

What is "COAO"

COAO is "Christoph's Open Air Observatory"

Looking for a place where to put a permanent pod for my Astronomy gear, I found a place behind the garage. This place is well shaded from the street lights. Also this place is well shielded from winds.

I had to take in account, that I can only observe everything from zenith to the East. North is limited by a tree at 70 degree, South-East by a house, but South and East are open down to ca 10 degrees Elevation. East is clear, but South is strongly illuminated by streetlights. West is shaded by the garage. I have to take a tripod on the other side of the garage. But there I have my Amateur Radio antennas right in the zenith.

Recently I added Mains 235 V and red light. I have most equipment for Photography on small board, which I can carry out quickly. Complete "mock-up" last about 25 minutes.

On most occasions I use my workhorse the 150 mm f=750 mm Newton telescope with a 8*40 WACHTER finder attached. Additionally a small 80 mm f=400 mm Widefield Refractor for (Auto)guiding purposes can be attached too. On other sessions the small Maksutov f11/1000mm is very quickly assembled and showed good results also on planetary CCD-imaging.

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