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Part 6 | Comets Images

Last Update: 19 April 2002

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Part 6 | Comets


A PS39 Webcam image of Ikeya Zhang



This is the first IKEYA-ZHANG image with the G1. I took 7 images at 3.3 MegaPixels in RAW format with equivalent to 35mm film at f=100mm. Next step was converting these RAW formats to TIF format with the CANON propriety program. Then I cut the 640*480 center portion (IRFANVIEW or PAINTSHOP pro 5.0) and stored them as BMP. I converted them to black&white fits luminescence images and registered and stacked them using R.Berry's AIP4WIN. This is the result.

I tried to do the work with the GIOTTO program to get a colour foto, but somehow it did not work ...

8 seconds are long enough to make the stars and the comet of course to produce trails as you see on the image.

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