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 Astrophotography: New Polaris (NP) Mount for Astronomical Observations

Last Update: 16 March 2001

Adapting to the fixed pod

This little German Equatorial Mount by VIXEN I bought in March 1997 including a R114S telescope which I sold later. It sits on a small wooden tripod and works fine there.

But in the dark night you easily hit the tripod and you loose your carefully made polar alignment.

By luck I was given a sturdy aluminium pod from an Amateur Astronomer who died some time ago. With the help of some 100 liters of concrete and 4 long screws I built an "Open Air Observatory" behind our garage. Recently I added red light and 235V Mains supply with easy access.

I persuaded my radio friend Soenke to make me an adaptation for the NP mount to the pod. And it works well. It is a very robust connection and I am very pleased with it.

Additional counterweight

Again Soenke made me an additional counterweight of ca. 2.5 kg which allows me to fix my 150 mm f5 Newton to the mount.

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