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 Jupiter and Moon WebCam Images (17 February 2002)

by Christoph Petermann

Some information

On the evening of the 17 February 2002 it has been VERY calm and I took the chance. Here are some new image collections mainly of Jupiter. Also one Moon image is here. I have more, but they are not processed yet.

Instrument : GP 102 M refractor = 102mm at F10. Ocular projection with a 12.5 mm Ortho @ 105 mm from chip.
Camera : PS39 Webcam with InfraRed filter
Mount : Vixen GP + an old used SkySensor 3D

Image processing with IRIS 3.54

I always took 100 images and selected the best 30 automatically. These images are stacked after registration. Then a strong unsharp mask is applied (R=0.55 (ca.) and C=70). Using the blur tool with a radius of ca. 0.6 at least. In the colour image all three colours are treated separately.

The Jovian moon Europa coming closer from image to image.

My personal opinion: The best images I ever made with my personal equipment.

Jupiter 17 February 2002 / 2020 CET

How did I process the image ? I followed Antonio Cidadaos advice.
I took a sequence of 100 images - series a1.fts .. a100.fts. With IRIS 3.54 I processed this way:

    > bestof a 100          # this selects the from good to bad
    > select a b            # this sorts the images from good to bad
    > cregister b c 100 100 # register 100 images with threshold 100
    > add c 50              # this adds the best 50 images in this case
    > unsharp 0.5 120 1     # heavy unsharping
    > wavelet x y 6         # perform wavelet analysis
    > load x1               # load the highfrequent image
    > unsharp 0.9 4.00 1    # different unsharping
    > wavelet x y 6         # again
    > gauss 1.3             # reduce the last noise
    > subtract 2000         # remove background brightness
    > save result

This image is by far the best image I made of Jupiter so far. There is a lot of detail in the image. You find it also in the collection below, but I did nor process it that good.

Jupiter 17 February 2002 / 2009 .. 2023 CET

Here is a small gif animation of the images in the collection below. Remarkably all the details and the moon EUROPA.


I took this moon image in focal mode. The IR (InfraRed) Filter was inserted. This is a single image at 640*480 pixel. I slightly blurred it a bit, as the video lines were clearly visible. Image at 20.48 CET.
 Text and All Images are Copyright by Christoph Petermann DF9CY

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