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 MARS Images WebCam (04 September 2003)

by Christoph Petermann

Some information

I went outside on the evening of the 4 September 2003. It was quite warm and a fantastic sight. But seeing so close to the horizon was poor especially above the houses in the neighbourhood. Nevertheless I tried again taking images with my GP102M Vixen refractor. I used barlow projection this time only with a multicoated teleconverter (M42). The projection tube is about 25 cm long. I tried on a star in zenith first an got a pinsharp image for the first ever. Furthermore I inserted the IR cut filter AND the "Baader-Contrast-Booster" which does seem to do quite good job.

First image: 220 out of 599 processed completely with Registax 2.0 beta.

Second image: 127 images out of 299 processed with IRIS 3.83b.

Third image: 145 images out of 299 processed with AIP4WIN and PhotoShop7.

The second collection shows more images I processed in diffenrent way with the above mentioned programs.

 Text and All Images are Copyright by Christoph Petermann DF9CY

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