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 Image Session 17/18 October 2003 (M31; Saturn; Moon)

by Christoph Petermann

Some information

I had finished the work on my auto-guiding LX200 board, that connects my SkySensor 3D controller to the computer. Now it was time to check it in 'real-life'. I had finally got the program AMT2.0 from Thomas Michna running with my AlphaMini camera. To make it short: It works fantastic !

First Action: Test the Auto-Guider

It took the chance, put the NIKON F90 to the 80/400mm refractor above my GP102M and tracked on M31 and M45.

Second Action: CCD Images

As I had the whole system running on M31 I took an image of 9*1 Minute with the AMT program trough the GP102M refractor.

Third Action: Autoguiding with the ToUcam Webcam.

This works too, but is MUCH less sensitive.

Forth Action: First Saturn Images in Autumn 03

The first images are made, but some noise is in the images, where I do not know the reason for. Here is a black & white Saturn.

Fifth Action: Moon images

As the moon was high in the sky, I tried a number of images with the webcam and AVI files.

This image is a mosaic of two single FITS frames. Treated them with AIP4WIN and PaintShop Pro 5.0

 Text and All Images are Copyright by Christoph Petermann DF9CY

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