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 Image Session 13/19 February 2004 (Saturn)

by Christoph Petermann

Some information

I took my GP102M refractor outside on both evenings (13 and 19 February 2004) to make images with my webcam of Saturn and later on Jupiter. But unfortunately on both nights with excellent seeing, clouds came up and no Jupiter images could be made. Nevertheless I took some AVI files of Saturn and present some few results here.

I learned that it is possible to set the Philips ToUcam into a raw mode and I tried this already a few days before. Yes it works, but I am not sure if the camera is as sensitive as before. Perhaps I have made someting wrong ???

The results on Saturn I made are quite good and I am not sure if I can get something more out of it. I compared several eyepieces and teleconverters for projection and came to the conclusion, that my 18mm Vixen Orthos is the best followed by a multicoated teleconverter. Every other I tried gave worse results. I know my eyepieces are not the best, but I did not find THAT really good one.

Saturn images

Saturns Moons

This image is a composite. I took Saturn itself with a short exposure and it is only a single image. This I cut and pasted into an image which is a cumulation of 100 frames which I made with IRIS 4.11. I compared the result with the positions of the moons given by the program XEPHEM. I am pleased to get so many moons on one image.

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