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 Image Session 05 March 2004 (Jupiter/Moon))

by Christoph Petermann

Some information


My only goal tonight was to get some images of Jupiter. I had built up everything quite early in the evening so it had time enough to cool down. I went out around 21 local time and first aimed to the moon. Seeing has been poor in the beginning. I took a few AVIs but none was very good. Then I turned to Jupiter.

Baader Kontrast Booster Filter

I made the first AVIs with the Baader Contrast Booster Filter inserted, but except that it took a lot of light I could not see any effect on Jupiter. After processing this was confirmed in the images.

More images

Seeing became better, but it was already freezing at -5. I took a number of AVIs again. And with the result I am quite pleased. The only improvement I could perhaps make, would be a good barlow lens for projection.

I found that my projection with the teleconverter is worse than the 18mm Vixen Ortho, which seems to be my best lens for projection so far.

My best Jupiter image reprocessed

The image was taken at 2206 CET. The AVI file was treated twice. Final processing I did in Photoshop.

Processed Jupiter images

All three images here are processed with Registax 2.1. Final touch was made with Paintshop Pro 5.

Jupiter in Process

This is the 22.06 CET image again retouched. AVI Film was treated by IRIS 4.12. Also I made registration and selection with IRIS which works very good. Addition and image processing however I made with AIP4WIN which seems to be VERY powerful. I will redo the complete colour processing with one image and see if this will give me an advantage. I also tried GIOTTO 1.32, which gives good result in sorting, but I have problems working with the sharpening tools.

Take care : the images are vertically mirrored to the above ones.

Process : Deconvolution Type: van Cittert or Richardson-Lucy a/b with a = radius and b = number of iterations.


With a focal length of approximately 6m from a 299 image AVI file treated with registax.

 Text and All Images are Copyright by Christoph Petermann DF9CY

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