In the night from the 1st to 2nd April I took the chance of the fine weather even a bad cold was not over yet. After fiddling around with my C8 a while I gave up frustrated and put the Newton reflector to the GP mount. Something went wrong with imaging M81, but M13 which was already high up in the sky was taken on a fine image even without guiding control.

This image was taken on the 2 April 2005 beginning at 00.03 CEST (MESZ). This are 3 images of 600 seconds each. Treatment I made completely with IRIS 3.34. After converting the RAW (NEF) images and subtracting a median of 3 dark images I used DDP mode and some colour correction to get this image. There is a little gradient from vignetting in the picture. Comparing to the ESO catalog I can find images of mag 16.2 on the original images. Not bad for the D70 and the tiny Newton. The image is a crop from a little larger one. I did this because the coma is strong at the edges and I have no corrector lens.

This is a cut from the original sized image showing the tiny galaxies NGC6207 and NGC4617. Some guys from the ASTROTREFF list brought in this item. Also it can easily be seen, that guiding was far from perfect.