Here are a few experiments I made with the D70 and the AlphaMini CCD camera on the 29 and 31 August 2005. The first time the autoguider worked quite well. Guiding is done through the 80/400mm refractor. Around 2300 CEST (=2100 UT) I found the sky being somewhat bright. There was an aurora going on...

This M27 image is a crop out of a large image taken with the NIKON D70 through the Nighthawk refractor. This are 3 images (10 min; 10 min; 6 min at ISO 1600) treated with IRIS and ImagesPlus.

This shows about the same region but taken with the AlphaMini CCD camera at 9 * 30 sec. Dark subtraction but no flat field taken.

Here is the southern part of the NorthAmerica nebula ("Mexico") taken with the AlphaMini but through a f2.8/135mm telelens and a red filter. Exposure time was 300 seconds and a single image only. Dark subtraction but no flat.

The Aurora happened quite low above the horizon. This image was taken around 2300 CEST (MESZ) with 25sec at ISO800 through a 28 .. 70mm Zoom lens at f2,8.