Today I got the AlphaMini CCD camera working as guidecamera. It worked perfectly. I chose M31 Andromeda galaxy as first target. Unfortunately I lost focus somehow. At 21.15 CEST (MESZ) I could observe the ISS passing from West to the East very bright. Also last week I got the BAADER "Fringe Killer" filter which seems to do a very good job. There are NO blue colours visible around the brighter stars.

M31 Andromeda Galaxy
This is out of 4 images (2*10min-ISO1600; 2*10min-ISO800) through the Nighthawk refractor. I cropped the center, because I lost the focus after the 2nd image. Sky was not perfect tonight.

Northamerica Nebula NGC7000 and the Pelican Nebula right
This is a single 10 minute exposure at ISO1600 through the Nighthawk. Around the center the focus is VERY unsharp - as I lost focus before.

All images taken with the NIKON D70 DSLR and were treated with IRIS.