Moon Venus on the evening of the 6 November 2005 at 17.56 (D70 200ISO - Tokina f2,8 lens at 50mm)

The Solar Eclipse of 3 October 2005 around 11.10 MESZ at maximum ocultation. (D70 200ISO 1/320s - GSO Refractor)

Almost full moon on the evening of the 18 August 2005 at 22.38CET. The Moon was just about 8 degrees above horizon over the roofs in the neighbourhood. This is a crop out of a larger image. (D70 200ISO 1/250s - Nighthawk Refractor)

Some weak noctilucent clouds high above in the sky.

Contrast enhanced detail of the NLC.

Some clouds illuminated by the sun from below the horizon almost 2 hours after sunset.

A wonderful cloud taken with the Nighthawk refractor.