Stellarvue Nighthawk f6 80/480mm Widefield Achromatic Refractor
A very rugged achromatic small refractor of high quality with low false colour.

Celestron C8 (orange) f10 203mm / 2000mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Type
High Quality telescope which I use now for lunar and planetary imaging. Works very nice after successful collimation. Normally I use it on my GP mount.

Newton f5 150mm / 750mm
This is my astrophotography "workhorse". Here shown with the small refractor used as guidescope on a homemade mounting plate. Attached is the NIKON F90 camera.

The CELESTRON f5 80mm / 400mm Widefield Achromatic Refraktor.
I use it for guiding purposes and take it to Astronomy gatherings. Does not have very good quality. Imaging is rather poor with it.

VIXEN GP102M f10 102mm / 980mm Achromatic Refractor.
High Quality Refractor which I used for planetary imaging. SOLD in 2005