I wanted to shoot it, this comet C/2006 A1 Pojmanski. Recently the weather was terrible, but here was one night very clear with a few clouds passing along. I went outside at 0450 CET (0350 UT) at -7C and found the comet immediately with my binoculars. I decided to give the 50mm lens (NIKON AF-D 1.8/50) a chance without putting it onto the GP mount. At the time the image was taken, it started getting bright in the eastern sky. My magnitude estimation of the comet is about 6.5

Comet C/2006 A1 Pojmanski: Complete Field

NIKON D70 at ISO1600

NIKKOR AF-D 50mm 1.8

12 March 2006 0500 UT 25 * 10sec

Single image treated with Iris (Stacking and Flatttening), ImagesPlus (Colour Adjustment)and Paintshop Pr0 5 (for adding the text)

Comet C/2006 A1 Pojmanski: 1:1 crop

This contrast enhanced 1:1 crop shows a faint tail

Map of the imaged starfield