All day long it had been very fine. And when setting up the system it was clear. But then clouds moved in rapidly and I was forced to stop the NGC7331 image after only 8 images of planned 60 !

Last Update: 24 Sept 2006

NGC7331 Galaxy

This image was taken under "sub" optimal conditions. I had to stop after clouds moved in

ST7 / Stellarvue NH 80/480

22 September 2006 - 20.09 UT - 8 * 120s

Widefield Milky Way

I made this image in parallel to the above ST7 image. You see the clouds moving in

NIKON D70 18mm f3.5

22 September 2006 - 20.11 UT - ISO800 - 6 min

Airbus Aircraft ...

This one was coming along, when testing my setup. It is a crop out of a larger image. Estimated height of the plane is ca 10000m (30000ft).

NIKON D70 / Stellarvue NH 80/480

23 September 2006 - ca 15.50 UT - ISO200 - 1/1250s