I had to use this day. Even some clouds were coming up from the horizon. There was the comet and I had to take the image ... But Murphy stroke again - the autoguiding with the ST7 refused to work. So I decided to take a few photos with the D70.

Last Update: 23 Oct 2006

C/2006 M4 Swan

Sorry for the artefacts here. No flat made and I used the camera internal noise reduction. The image is centered on the comet.

NIKON D70 ISO1600 / Stellarvue NH 80/480

17 October 2006 - 18.23 UT - 3*240s

C/2006 M4 Swan Widefield

This is a single image with a f4 200mm lens

NIKON D70 ISO800 / Tokina RMC f4 / 200mm

17 October 2006 - 18.04 UT - 1*120s

Comments from some forums:

Hi Group,
Yesterday I took the chance to image the Swan comet with my Nikon D70 through
the Nighthawk. There was some dust on the chip and I did not make flats. I
wanted to make some ST7 images too, but the USB/serial converter I use for
the autoguider refused to work.
Here is the way to the images:
have fun ...

Nice shot, Christoph. And this was with a nighthawk! I sent you a file with the background gradient cleaned up in photoshop. Phil
Christoph Splendid colors! Ive heard the comet is gettin very green, now youve shown that it indeed is. Chris
Despite your difficulties, Christoph, that's a nice image! Thanks for sharing! The tail is pretty tenuous, and difficult to get even visually. Darren
Christoph, Cool shots. It is neat seeing all the images of this guy. Nice work! -Matt Thomas
Christoph, Very nice image of SWAN through the Nighthawk! The tail shows nicely. Glad to see some recent images of this comet. Thanks for posting. Clear skies, Dave Weixelman