The Moon - 5 May 2006 1845 UT

An eyepiece projection image with the tiny Nighthawk refractor.

The Moon - 1 April 2006 1858 UT

Before the Moon disappered behind some clouds again I shot this one. Ca 4 sec with the D70 and the Nighthawk refractor.

Winter Milky Way 26 February 2006 ca 2115 UT

Taken with the NIKON D70 28mm f2.8 ISO1600 208 sec single exposure with internal noise reduction. I drove out into the countryside on a very fine evening with VERY clear sky. Still it is very bright. Outside temperature was ca -6C.

Mars with the Plejads and Aldebaran 26 February 2006 ca 2100 UT

Taken with the NIKON D70 50mm f1.8 fixed on tripod. 20 images at 10sec

The Moon - Mars conjunction on the evening of 8 January 2006 at 18.28 UT

Taken with the NIKON D70 and Nighthawk refractor. ISO 200 and ca 0.6 sec.Shortly after this image clouds drifted in and covered the scene.