The Moon on 5 May 2006
18.45UT NIKON D70 ISO200 ca 0.8sec
Imaged with the NightHawk and 25mm eyepiece projection. The size of the original image is reduced.

Projection Setup

Stellarvue Nighthawk f6 80/480mm Widefield Achromatic Refractor
A very rugged achromatic small refractor of high quality with low false colour. Here you can see how I attached the Nikon D70 to the refractor. I do not have so many and long 2" extension tubes so I had to use the star diagonal - which is of course of very high quality. Just in front of the camera is an adjustable eyepiece projection adapter (MEADE). With a special adapter from BAADER I can rotate the camera freely.

The Moon on 5 May 2006
100% crop out of the image above.