After a very long time I set up my 150/1800mm MAK and first time tried to make images with the ALCCD5 camera. This setup worked out fine. I tried several filters, but I ended up with the IR cut filter only. Conditions were fine and I made a row of AVI films of Saturn and close-up views of the moon with my ED 2" barlow lens. I experienced I kind of double image which you can see clearly on the Saturn image below. For the moment I have no idea what may cause this.

INTES MAK 150/1800mm MK67
ALCCD5 monochrome highspeed camera
ED 2" barlow lens
UV/IR cut filter

Here is the same image as above, but somewhat brighter. You can see the "ghost-image" below the ring. Titan becomes also visible on the left side. The lunar images suffer from the same problem. It seems, those images without the barlow lens are somewhat better.

Saturn through my Halpha filter. Exposure time per image was at about 1.2 sec. Thus the image looks very unsharp. But I could not see the "ghost-image" described above.