After a long pause I taken my equipment outside and tried myself in imaging. First I aimed to the sun where some small spots were visible at the limb. Later in the night I took some series of the M57 Ringnebula and the M31 Andromeda galaxy. My StellarVue Nighthawk still does a very good job.

These are the first astro images with my Nikon D7000 camera I made at the telescope. Image processing was made as usual with ImagesPlus, where I just got the new version 4.25 and PaintShopPro XI.

The sun seen already trough some leaves of a tree. There are some small spots at the left.

This M57 image is a combination of 20 images of 30sec to 60 sec of exposure times and different speed from ISO100 to ISO1000. The sky was still very blue at that time.

This M31 image is a combination of 15 images of 60s of ISO1000 speed. This is the unprocessed combination.

This M31 is the processed version of the above image.