My idea was of imaging the ZTF Comet. It was foggy all day but suddenly it became absolutely clear. The comet itself was found easily with my binoculars - straight overhead. But before taking images of the comet I wanted to make testimages, because I did know how the camera (LUMIX G110) is doing with astrophotography. And I haven't done "real" astrophotography since a number of years now. But - two images of Orion Nebula M42 and and Plejads M45 came out fine. Before that I started out with an image of the Moon.
Then I tried to find the comet. Which was so hard to do with the comet straight overhead, that I did not find it. I became cold in the frost and decided to go inside and work with what I had.

One day before Full moon ... That Moon is so bright - it is almost white.
I had to adjust contrast a bit more; this making it looking a little strange.
4 February 2023 - ~2000UT - ISO200 - 1/1250sec - LUMIX G110 - NH Refractor 80/480 mm

With this Moon being so bright I made a test image of the "Orion Nebula - M42"
of 30 images, which I treated with DeepSkyStacker and GIMP. This is the first "real" astroimage since many years.
4 February 2023 - ~2020UT - ISO200 - 30* 13sec - LUMIX G110 - NH Refractor 80/480 mm

Another testimage image of the "Plejads - M45" with the same parameters done.
The moonlight was so bright that I could not bring out more of the nebula details.
4 February 2023 - ~2020UT - ISO200 - 30* 13sec - LUMIX G110 - NH Refractor 80/480 mm


Optics              : StellarVue Nighthawk Achromat Refractor d=80mm f=480mm (f=1/6)
                    : Intes MK-67 Maksutov Type Reflector d=150mm f=1800mm (f=1/12)
Camera              : NIKON D7000 DSLR unmodified (from 2010)
                    : Panasonic LUMIX G110 MFT System (from 2021)
                    : The Imaging Source DMK21AU4.AS monochrome USB highspeed camera
Filter              : IR/UV Cut, Astronomik H-Alpha, Astronomik LRGB
add. optics         : ED 2x Barlow lens, eyepiece projection
                    : 35mm, 50mm, 135mm and 200mm NIKON lenses available
                    : 12 .. 60mm Leica for MFT system
Mount               : VIXEN GP with MT1(RA) & MT1(DEC)
Controller          : Littlefoot Controller (selfmade)
Guiding             : PHD
Aquisition          : DELL Notebook (Windows 10)
Image Processing    : ImagesPlus, NeatImage 7, Registax 6, DeepSkyStacker, Gimp

latest list update  : January 2023