After the mishap of the 4 February 2023 with not finding the comet I came back with my stuff and this time I found it easily.

I succeeded in taking several sequences, which took me some time to process. But still the bright moonlight made imaging rather difficult.

The Moon was target as well - now after Full Moon - and still very low above the horizon.

Here is the best I could get with the Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
This is the first time I made this special treatment with DeepSkyStacker and GIMP with star and comet removal and then combining the results - it worked.
7 February 2023 - ~2013UT - ISO1250 - 90*20sec (= 30 minutes)- LUMIX G110 - NH Refractor 80/480 mm (+Fringe Filter)

The video will come soon.

Another shot of the Moon as it was still low in the sky.
7 February 2023 - 1901UT - ISO200 - 1/160ssec - LUMIX G110 - NH Refractor 80/480 mm (+Fringe Filter)

As Mars was high up in the sky, I took a short sequence of 6 images just for to see, if it is working.
It is a true colour image
7 February 2023 - ~1912UT - ISO12500 - 6*15sec - LUMIX G110 - NH Refractor 80/480 mm (+Fringe Filter)


Optics              : StellarVue Nighthawk Achromat Refractor d=80mm f=480mm (f=1/6)
                    : Intes MK-67 Maksutov Type Reflector d=150mm f=1800mm (f=1/12)
Camera              : NIKON D7000 DSLR unmodified (from 2010)
                    : Panasonic LUMIX G110 MFT System (from 2021)
                    : The Imaging Source DMK21AU4.AS monochrome USB highspeed camera
Filter              : IR/UV Cut, Astronomik H-Alpha, Astronomik LRGB
add. optics         : ED 2x Barlow lens, eyepiece projection
                    : 35mm, 50mm, 135mm and 200mm NIKON lenses available
                    : 12 .. 60mm Leica for MFT system
Mount               : VIXEN GP with MT1(RA) & MT1(DEC)
Controller          : Littlefoot Controller (selfmade)
Guiding             : PHD
Aquisition          : DELL Notebook (Windows 10)
Image Processing    : ImagesPlus, NeatImage 7, Registax 6, DeepSkyStacker, Gimp

latest list update  : January 2023