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CY DSLR Timer (Download)
Last update: 20 September 2007
Operating System: Win2000, WinXP, (VISTA ??)
Type of program: Executable; needs .NET Framework 2.0 or higher to be installed.
Features: This program controls your DSLR camera via the Serial Port (RTS signal). You need to have a special cable, which you either can buy or make yourself. A diagram will be published here. The program will NOT run without the .NET 2.0 Framework properly installed. If you do not have it, download the .NET 2.0 (or higher) framework from the Micro$oft site.

* Checks for valid COM ports (which can be USB/RS232 adapters).
* Minimal Shutter Release time in BULB mode 1s
* Maximal Shutter Release time in BULB mode is not limited ...
* Set Interval time (preset to 5 seconds)
* Set delay time for allowing storage to the camera memory.
* You may cancel execution at any time.

Disclaimer: You cannot make me responsible for any damage occuring to your (expensive) camera.

Send me suggestions of what can be improved or must be changed please. I have tested the program with several computers (home PC and notebooks) with Micro$oft WindowsXP (Home and Professional) and Windows 2000 installed. It worked fine on each of those. WindowsVista was not tested. With the latest version .NET Framework it should work.

There is no installer, because its size is only 28kB. Put it where you want to have it and simply run it. If you do not have a COM port available you must "free" a port or install a RS232-USB adapter.

Outlook: A later version will save your settings and you will be able to run script, which is especially useful for astroimaging DRI images.

Build your own cable.
Here is the schematics:

This circuit easily fits into a connector (socket/female) housing. Any NPN switching transistor will do the job. The red diode (1N4148) shall be used if you connect a NIKON (D70s; D80) camera. Reason is that the camera will only release shutter if both are pulled. I purchased two cable release (the original NIKON MC-DC1 and a chinese clone). the Chinese type has a standard 2.5mm stereo socket, which works like the CANON cable release sockets. There is NO modification necessary.

Image of the NIKON China Clone ...

Of course this cable does work with other 3rd party software like IRIS, DSLRFOCUS, ImagesPlus and others.

Program Version History:

0.2: 2007-05-09: Bugfix in counting. You may use predefined exposure times and numbers. GUI is slightly modified.

0.1: 2007-04-27: Initial Version

Amateur Radio

Project_Auriga (pa) Package 2.3.0 (30 Jan 2008) WinSetup EXE File
Project_Auriga (pa) Package 2.3.0 (30 Jan 2008) ZIP File
Last update: 30 Jan 2008 (uses JAVA SDK 6 !)
Operating System: LINUX, Win 98, Win NT, UNIX, OSF
Type of program: JAVA classes and source code ! Requires JAVA 1.6 or higher. PA is based on the SWING Technology

Project_Auriga Main Window


Project_Auriga HTML Moon Position Generator an Display


You need to have the latest JAVA JRE installed. See JAVA.SUN.COM

Windows: Use the Setup program.
LINUX: UnZIP to an appropriate directory.

Important: This application is under GPL licence.

Project_Auriga Main Radio Contact Logging Window (The QSO shown is a "fake" QSO ...)

Project_Auriga Precision Lunar and Solar position display with star chart also showing all major Messier objects (star clusters, galaxies and nebulae). The Moon is shown short before moon-set on the right side with rings indicating -3dB and -10dB signal markers, which must be dedined in the setup.

Program Version History:

This can be found as textfile in the program directory.

Astronomy programs and spread sheets

All the above software is written by myself. So I have the copyright for it. In a few cases I had to adopt other authors routines to fit to my programs. They are of course not my work.

All software is available with its source code. There is no secret about it.

I can not made responsible for any damage that may occur by the use of these program routines.

Any hint or advice is appreciated.

DRM Software Receiver DReaM

Last Update 28 September 2011

Version 1.14 is on the CVS. I tried two days now to compile it with the Visual Studio 10 System. I could not get it working. So I will stay with the version 1.12 downloadable below. For me it is OK.

The use of this precompiled software may not be legal in some countries.

Here are my latest compilations of the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) DReaM Program. In October 2009 I got MS VC++ Express Edition running and got it compiling DReaM perfectly.

Some information

The current versions of DREAM crash on Windows 7 and Vista machines when exiting the program. Until then they are running fine.

Please do not ask me for some software issues. I know how DRM works, but only little about the inside of DREAM. Go to the DREAM forum.

DOWNLOAD: DReaM DRM Radio 1.12b CVS Compiled 11 March 2010 with MS VC++ Express / Stable version. / includes Hamlib 1.2.10 latest version

DOWNLOAD: DReaM DRM Radio 1.12 CVS Compiled 18 January 2010 with MS VC++ Express / Stable version / uses hamlib 1.2.9.

DOWNLOAD: DReam DRM Radio 1.10.6 CVS Compiled 01/2008. This is a stable version.

These are setup files, which install in standard Program Files (Programme in Germany) and have an uninstall routine as well. Scripts are made with INNO SETUP COMPILER