Jun 2
50 MHz
(Digital signals will only be reported, when worked or something extraordinary received. The receiver is running constantly now in FT8 or JT65 modes)
30 May 2018 Lots of European (FT8) plus S01, EA8 and D4.
29 May 2018 FT8 receiver running all day. Only lots of Europeans received.
28 May 2018 Worked some F and EA5 in CW. Later caught C31CT in CW as well. Lots of activity in FT8, no QSO.
27 May 2018 FT8 worked a few OH3 and OH4. Long CQ in CW - no result.
26 May 2018 Worked D41CV (FT8) Hrd (FT8) : TA, EA8, S01 and CW TY2AC
25 May 2018 After a CQ JR6FC (PL36) returned - no QSO.
24 May 2018 Worked S01WS in FT8
23 May 2018 Worked LZ (CW) and some stations in FT8 Hrd: 7X, 9K
22 May 2018 First JA station ever seen in FT8. Some CW contacts to LZ, SV ..
5 May 2018 Life in CW :-) worked I8, IT9 and 9H1
3 May 2018 FT8: Italy and Sicily worked
2 May 2018 France and Romania worked via SporadicE. Only FT8 Digital mode seen. Absolutely no CW or SSB signals. :-(

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