May 26
50 MHz
27 May 2010: The band seemed to be open already to North-East at 5UT. Video signals were strong.
26 May 2010: A lot of stations were heard. A92IO and A92GR were in for a long period of time. I tried to call them a few times, but I left the frequencies, because situation became chaotic. Beside working a few stations (4X1FQ was DX), I spent my time with listening.
until 25 May 2010: I was only QRV for short periods due to family and other commitments. Strong Es signals were present and I worked a few around. Nothing new so far. I have been listening most of the time.
19 May 2010: A number of strong signals present. I worked a few EA3 and EA5.
17 May 2010: ST2AR (KK63er) is in the log. (New DXCC and grid). He came out of the noise, I worked him and he disappeared again. Also worked SV9, SV2 and I8. A92IO seemed to be audible everywhere, but not with me.
until 16 May 2010: only worked a few stations via Es so far. Most opening did not reach us here in the north or I was not at home :-(
13 May 2010: Worked MS GS3PYE/P in IO67 - in 3 minutes
5 May 2010: copied some stations via MS/JT6M on 50230, but no Es here
2 May 2010: EA1, EA3 strong signals but no QSO. There was some Aurora too and I made two QSOs with SM4 and OH3. The TS690s developped a fault again.

144 MHz
25 May 2010: A CT station was heard briefly on 144.296 MHz.
20 May 2010: After the IC820 developped a fault yesterday, which was easily repaired, I worked the 3B8EME (LG89qt) DXpedition on Mauritius (#91). I had some little problem with my PA and so I had 150w output only.

432 MHz
1./2. May 2010: I made a few contacts in the VHF/UHF contest.

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