Sep 16
I did not have so much time in September so I worked a bit less in QSOs.

144 MHz EME
.. 16 September 2010: I made a few EME contacts (F6FHP, PA5KM#, RK3FG and F8DO#) with the SSPA at 300w level. Its a little harder, as I have ca 1,3 dB less power available. But nevertheless 2 new stations.

WSPR has been running with the Flex-1500. The receiver is working very good and I set the transmitter to an output of 2w.

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Sep 3
03 September 2010
An updated version of my 432MHz Antenna Comparison Chart File (ACCF) is here : DF9CY 432 ACCF.

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Sep 1
Running with my Desktop (almost-homebrew) computer under WindowsXP, the Flex-1500 works excellent. I had it running in WSPR mode for a while without any glitch. Sensitivity is good, blocking and other parameters do seem to be fine too.

The Flex-1500 works very fine. I made QSOs on 40m and 6m including some meteor-scatter and EME listening. TXing in CW with my Dell D820 notebook is a bit faulty. I think I have to wait until the USB drivers are fixed. I had a short view inside the radio and I find it well built.

In June I did it. I ordered a Flex-1500 QRP transceiver. The new toy has arrived and it only took me a few minutes to get it running. The first contact I made with was on the 40m band in the evening of 29 July 2010. SM7DGA/qrp - Jan working with low power too was the lucky guy. Listening on 6m was already fun.

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