Jul 31
144 MHz
30 July 2011 Oh yes another Es opening. The reflection point was quite far so the only station heard and worked was:
15:59 LZ1KJ KN31cj 1880 km
13 July 2011 The reflection point of the opening in the evening was too close. I was not able to hear anything.
06 July 2011 My first SporadicE on 2m this year. Signals were strong but there were not many:
17:25 UA3WM 59 59 KO72QI 1687km (worked with 5watts)
17:32 RL3QDD 59 59 KO91OC 1982km (worked with 5watts)
18:18 UA3PTW 599 599 KO93BS 1820km #
18:25 UA3RN 599 599 LO03VK 2063km
I had problems with my amplifier which went into a [fault] state. So the first QSOs were made with the drive power of 5w.

50 MHz
31 July 2011 ST0R South Sudan expedition heard quite well, but I was not able to work them.
.. 29 July 2011 I made a number of QSOs but there was nothing special. The openings I experienced were all within Europe. AND it has been very calm on the band; very unusual for this time of the year.
18 July 2011 Is the season already declining ? It seems like this. I have been listening around thoughout the last days and i did not hear many stations. More south from here opening happen more often. It stayed very calm here on the band and only a few stations were worked.
13 July 2011 I had an ear for some real DX. The D4C beacon was strong for a long time and I waited for Caribeans - nothing. SV2ASP/a was in but very weak.
06 July 2011 Several Scottish stations were worked. Band was open in many directions.
03 July 2011 Not much time for radio. In the evening I copied NP4A and PJ6D with very good signals. Later the D4C beacon was loud again and 5C12M (CN) was a getaway.
02 July 2011 A45XR and A92GE in again with very good signals. SV5/G0TSM (KM36) is new. D4C/b is in early for hours now (09.50). CU3URA/b coming up (09.50). But after 11.00 the band died down.
01 July 2011 Worked A45XR (LL93) with fb signals. And A92GR was worked too. Big opening all over Europe and I got a few more stations. All evening the D4C beacon was in and I have been listening for some "exotic" DX. WP4U was heard strong.

.. 29 July 2011 Running here since 20 July again. Activity is low, but propagation good.

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Jul 29

Oh yes, after a long while I set up my small telescope and the camera to take a few images. I spent some time outside in the night (26 July) until clouds swept in. You can see the results here.

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Jul 12

I spent a weekend with my friends in Iffens. About midnight of 9 July 2011 a fine display of noctilucent clouds was visible. To see the images go here.

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